The Tino Rawa Trust is a registered charity created in 2007 to assist in the preservation, restoration and caretaking of New Zealand’s unique classic yacht and launch heritage.

The Trust focuses on ensuring that our historically significant vessels are conserved, preserved and restored with traditional techniques and materials in New Zealand.

Strong partnerships exist with a number of classic boat builders, suppliers and organizations including the Classic Yacht Association and the New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School. This supports retaining traditional boatbuilding skills and apprenticeships and knowledge within the industry and provides mutual support to all stakeholders. All Trustees and yachts are affiliated with The Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand.

The Trust has an extensive network of supporters who contribute to working bees, provide their expert knowledge and suppliers who provide materials and services for heavily discounted rates or often free of charge.

The work of the Trust has been mentioned within a variety of publications:

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  2. Bullet  Coast, by Bruce Ansley, published by Random House

  3. Bullet  Colin Wild, published by Tino Rawa Trust

  4. Bullet  Jack Brooke, published by Tino Rawa Trust

  5. Bullet  Various articles, published by Boating New Zealand magazine

  6. Bullet  South Sea Vagabonds, Published by Harper Collins




The Trusts yachts are berthed in the Viaduct Harbour in downtown Auckland. This allows the general public to view the yachts with  Information Boards outlining the history of each vessel.

2017: Celebrating

the New Zealand Clinker Boat